Village Lane Wine Bar

Laneway Dining at it’s best!


We saved the best till last!! The French Feast Laneway Dinner was a scrumptious 6 course tapas dinner including dessert. The guests where left with their mouths watering with a menu designed by our head Chef James Nieuwendijk. The French inspired menu began with a Le

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Laneway Dinner Try Thai


Romance your loved one or spend a fun night out with friends over a feast at Camden’s only wine laneway. With the second laneway dinner here at Village Lane Wine Bar on Friday 21st of September you’ll have the opportunity to try Thai under the

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Wine of the Week


Introducing the newest arrival of wine in the laneway…. and it’s a wine from of Australia!! RESCHKE “Bull Trader” Limited Edition 2008 Shiraz from Coonawarra South Australia. “The spicy, peppery bouquet of Shiraz fruit characters from Coonawarra’s cool climate linger for a rich, smooth & delicious finish.” The hand-pruned

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Tapas 101

Village Lane - Functions

Traditionally a collection of Spanish appetisers, Tapas in Australia has slowly evolved into a full meal consisting of several courses of small delicious dishes. At Village Lane we have an obsession with all things Tapas and are influenced by the culture of sip-a-little-bit-of-this-and-eat-a-little-bit-of-that. We have

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