Village Lane Wine Bar

Our Menu's Cafe, Restaurant & Drinks

We have a cafe menu during the day; available from 8am – 3pm daily.

Our restaurant menu is only available on Friday & Saturday nights from 6pm till late.

Download all menu’s below.

Drinks Menu

Cafe Menu

Restaurant Menu

All Day Breakfast

Enjoy breakfast EVERY DAY, ALL DAY!

Big Breakfast / $20
w/ poached, fried or scrambled eggs, bacon, chorizo, homemade maple baked beans, hash brown, grilled tomato, roasted mushroom and buttered toast

Vegetarian Big Breakfast / $19
w/ poached, fried or scrambled eggs, grilled haloumi, sautéed baby spinach, homemade maple baked beans, hashbrown, grilled tomato, roasted mushroom and buttered toast

Ultimate Breaky Burger or Wrap / $18
w/ fried egg, bacon, Swiss cheese, hashbrowns, onion jam, baby spinach, hollandaise and bbq sauce

Bacon & Eggs / $15
poached, fried or scrambled w/ buttered toast

Eggs on Toast / $12
poached, fried or scrambled w/ buttered toast

Smashed Avocado Bruschetta / $12
on sourdough w/ extra virgin olive oil, chia seeds, sesame seeds, parsley and lemon
Add fetta   $4
Add bacon    $4
Add smoked salmon    $5
Add poached or fried egg    $2

Tomato & Fetta Bruschetta / $15
w/ cottage cheese, spanish onion, parsley, honey mustard vinaigrette and balsamic glaze
Add bacon   $4
Add poached or fried egg  $2
Add smoked salmon   $5

Eggs Benedict                                           
w/ poached eggs, sautéed spinach and hollandaise on Turkish w/ your choice of…
Bacon   $18
Smoked salmon   $19
Grilled ham   $18
Roasted mushroom   $18
Florentine   $16

Pancakes ( 3 per serve ) / $13
w/ maples syrup or salted caramel
Add strawberries  $4
Add banana  $4
Add bacon  $4
Add ice cream  $2

Banana Bread / $4
toasted and buttered
Gluten free  $5.50

Buttered Thick Cut Raisin Toast / $5

Cinnamon Toast / $4
Gluten free   $5.50

Buttered Toast / $4
w/ your choice soy quinoa, sourdough, white or turkish and peanut butter, honey, vegemite, 
nutella or jam                                                            
Gluten free white $5.50

Wine Bar Evening Menus

Available on Friday and Saturday Evenings


Toasted Turkish Roll / $8
brushed w/ garlic butter

Smoked Salmon Bruschetta / $16
w/ avocado, vinaigrette, Spanish onion, fetta & capers

Prosciutto Bruschetta / $16
w/ cottage cheese, fire roasted peppers, basil & balsamic glaze

Antipasto Board (Share) / $20
w/ prosciutto, smoked salmon, artichoke, cornichons, marinated olives, cheddar & crusty bread


Gruyere & Chive Arancini / $17
w/ tomato & basil sugo, white truffle oil, parmesan (V)

Wild Mushroom Risotto / $18
w/ porcini, field mushroom, enoki, parmesan & white truffle oil (GF) (V)

Salt & Pepper Baby Squid / $20
w/ coriander seed, fennel seed, aioli, aonori, dried bonito, okonomi sauce (LF)

Prawn & Citrus Salad / $20
w/ avocado puree, mint, mixed leaf, orange, courgette, fennel & honey mustard vinaigrette (GF)


Wild Mushroom Risotto / $24
w/ porcini, field mushroom, enoki, parmesan & white truffle oil (GF) (V)

Chilli Prawn Spaghetti / $28
w/ tomato & basil sugo, fennel seed, baby spinach, pangritatta & parmesan

Crispy Skinned Atlantic Salmon / $30
w/ cauliflower puree, salmon roe, sautéed wild mushrooms, greens & honey mustard vinaigrette (GF)
Grilled Lamb Skewers / $32
w/ fetta, baby spinach, fire roasted peppers, Spanish onion, balsamic glaze & spiced yoghurt dressing (GF)
Pan Seared Lemon Paprika Chicken Supreme / $32
w/ smoked carrot puree, black cabbage, pickled fennel & jus (GF)

Braised Beef Short Ribs / $32
in marsala, tomato & nutmeg w/ potato puree (GF)

Aged 250g Beef Eye Fillet / $36
w/ truffle & tarragon butter, potato puree, mixed leaf & parmesan salad & jus (GF)

Matcha Tea Panacotta / $16
w/ white chocolate ganache and chia crumble

Triple Chocolate Fudge Brownie / $16
w/ Cointreau icecream, berry couli and chocolate fudge sauce

Coconut Tapioca / $16
w/ mango puree, mint, Persian floss and candied citrus (GF)

Affogato / $16
A shot of Wood Roaster coffee, vanilla ice cream, biscotti w/ your choice of Frangelico, Baileys, Tia Maria or Kahlua

Chef’s Cheese Board / $22
w/ Chef’s selection of two cheeses, quince jam, fresh & dried fruit, candied nuts & croutes

Kids Corner

Great for Kids – 12 Years and Below


12 years & younger only 

Bacon & Egg / $10
poached, fried or scrambled egg w/ one rasher of bacon & toast
Add chorizo  $4
Add home-made maple baked beans  $3

Egg on Toast / $8
poached, fried or scrambled on toast   

Smashed Avocado Toast / $8
w/ soy quinoa toast, parsley, lemon and olive oil

Pancakes (2) / $8
w/ maple syrup or salted caramel
Add Vanilla Ice-Cream  $2


Chicken Schnitzel /$12
w/ fries & tomato sauce

Battered Fish / $12
w/ fries & tomato sauce

Napolitana Pasta / $10
w/ parmesan (V)

Ham & Cheese Toastie / $8
cut into fingers              

Coffee Drinks

Cappuccino / Flat White / Latte / Long Black                         $3.70
Macchiato / Piccolo / Espresso                                                    $2.50

Mocha / Chai Latte / Hot Chocolate
Dirty Chai (shot of espresso)

POTS OF TEA   $4.50
English Breakfast / Earl Grey / Peppermint
Green / Chamomile / Lemon & Ginger

Soft Drinks     $4
Coke / Coke Zero / Lemonade / Lemon Squash / Lemon Lime Bitters / Ginger Beer

Bottled Juice     $4
Orange / Pineapple / Apple / Cranberry

Sparkling Mineral Water      $5

Banana / Mixed Berry / Mango    $8

Iced Chocolate / Coffee / Mocha    $7
 Milk, ice-cream, topped w/ whipped cream

Iced Latte / Iced Long Black     $5

Milkshakes    $7
Chocolate, caramel, vanilla, strawberry or coffee

Spring Juice     $8
apple, lemon, mint & rosewater

Fruit Starter     $8
orange, watermelon & apple
Vitamin C Booster     $8
orange, carrot, ginger & lime
Green Machine     $8
apple, celery, cucumber & mint
Veggie Galore      $8
carrot, celery, cucumber, ginger

Pineapple, Mango     $15
mango nectar, pineapple juice, sparkling wine

Strawberry Lime     $15
strawberry & lime puree topped with sparkling wine

Cucumber Lime    $15
sparkling wine with lemonade, cucumber & lime
Classic Bloody Mary     $15
vodka, Worcestershire sauce, tabasco, horseradish, topped with tomato juice
Virgin Mary (no vodka)     $9       

Food prepared from the heart with the soul in mind!

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